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Nonprofit Hygiene Check

‘What is a Nonprofit Hygiene Check?'

The Providence Law Nonprofit Hygiene Check

Concerned if your nonprofit is in legal compliance? Nonprofit compliance needs are many, including local, state, federal and private funding requirements. Request a nonprofit Hygiene Check to ensure your nonprofit is in good standing!

​When your nonprofit undergoes the Hygiene Check, our experienced nonprofit team will perform a confidential diagnostic of your organization, including the following areas:

  • Corporate and Tax Exempt Status
  • Current Status of Corporate Governance
  • Compliance with Fundraising Regulations
  • Compliance with Funder Requirements (Grant Agreements)
  • Current Status of Organizational
    • Contractual Arrangements (including service agreements)
    • Intellectual Property
    • Human Resources
    • Facilities, Operations and Security
    • Political Activities and Lobbying
  • Summation Report: When the Hygiene Check is complete, your organization's Board of Directors will receive an easy to read Nonprofit Hygiene Check Report.
  • In-Person Counsel: We then provide in-person counsel discussing the results of the Hygiene Check with the nonprofit's Board of Directors.

Our Hygiene Check is tailored to fit Your Needs!

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